refreshing cucumber pickle

The supermarket where I always buy my groceries sold cucumbers in a very low price early this week. You got three cucumbers for only 1 euro. I could tell that the cucumbers were not so very fresh any more. But they were still in a very good shape and firmness. So I bought three. Thus 1 euro.

Normally when I buy cucumber I buy only one. Max two. This I do during summer. Not in the winter. It’s because I consume a lot more vegetables in the summer. Especially when the weather is warm, or even hot. Salad is almost always on the menu. And when it’s there on the table, for sure you can find pieces of cucumber.

DSCF2625-editedBut I should say that buying three cucumbers at once was a little bit too much. There’s no way I would finish them on time before the last one gets rotten. So, think… think… think…!

Ahaaa… acar ketimun!

Acar ketimun. Indonesian refreshing cucumber pickle.

It’s so easy to make it.

Wash the cucumbers thoroughly. Cut and throw away the two ends. Cut into two in the middle lengthwise. Cut each part in the middle lengthwise. Remove the soft, watery inner part. Cut again into three lengthwise and then dice into small cubes. Put in a bowl. Once you are done dicing the cucumbers start making the vinegar water.

I use just natural vinegar for home cooking purposes. 350 ml that was. 150 grams of sugar. And a pinch of salt. Stir all well. Then pour the vinegar mixture into the cucumber bowl. Stir well. Keep in the refrigerator at least for 3 good hours before serving. Keeping the acar ketimun in the fridge overnight is even better. The longer the cucumber pieces soak in the vinegar mixture the better the acar ketimun would taste.


By the way, you can also add chopped onion and diced carrot(s). And if you want some kicks, then do it Indonesian way. Add several pieces of cabe rawit or small chili peppers. The Indonesian way hardcore style?? Make the acar ketimun with chopped rawit and keep it in the fridge overnight. Or even two. Hhmmm…


You can use this refreshing cucumber pickle as a condiment for fried rice or fried noodles, sate ayam/chicken satay, sate babi/pork satay, Indonesian roast meat (chicken, pork, beef, mutton) and many more dishes and savory snacks.


The amount of natural vinegar is not meant for those who live in Indonesia. In Indonesia we have different kind of vinegar which is in a concentrated form. Unfortunately I do not know the amount that I should use if I use concentrated vinegar like the one available in Indonesia.

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