my turkish salad

I always like vegetables, lightly cooked or raw. Turkish salad is actually my most favorite. It is very easy to make and doesn’t take long time to prepare. It contents of lettuce — any kinds –, tomato, paprika, feta cheese, roasted pine nuts and garlic-olive oil dressing.

Summer this year my husband and I were happy to be able to provide ourselves with loose-leaf lettuce from our own back garden. We bought the loose-leaf lettuce babies from the weekend market around in late spring. We bought six green loose-leaf lettuce babies and six red ones. Only after 6-8 weeks we could already harvest them.

Everytime we wanted to make salad, we just plucked some leaf petals from the outer side of a bunch instead of pulling out one whole bunch out of the soil. In this way we let the lettuce bunches grow further.

We always used some green as well as some red leaf petals for the treat of the eyes. And the red color of tomatoes and paprika made the whole combination so beautiful and appetizing.

Bon appétit!

* * * * * * *

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